When thinking of traveling to Canada, the first thing that comes to mind is Niagara Falls; then you realize there is a lot more that just the beautiful Niagara Falls. Read this itinerary I’ve done in Canada and get some ideas for your next trip.

Trip #1 -Frozen Falls (gateway weekend in the falls)

  • Flight into Buffalo, New York
  • Rent a car and cross the border
  • Spend the day in Niagara Falls/ Visit the town/ many attractions, shops and restaurants
  • Dinner at Rock House with amazing views of the falls
  • Stay in one of the many hotels facing the falls for the spectacular lights show at night
  • Next morning head to Toronto/ visit the CNN tower, Lake Ontario
  • Spend the night in the city
  • Return car
  • Flight Back home

Trip #2 Canada, here we go!!! (one week trip)

  • Flight into Buffalo, New York
  • Rent a car/ Cross the border to Canada
  • Spend the day in the falls
  • Night at the Falls in a hotel facing the falls so you can enjoy the spectacular light show
  • Morning head to Toronto, spend the day
  • Night in Toronto
  • Morning head to Ottawa. On the way, stop to take a cruise to the 1000 islandCANADA 162CANADA 168
    Change guard at Ottawa parliament cambio de guardia en el Parlamento de Ottawa

    Change guard at Ottawa Parliament
    Cambio de Guardia en el Parlamento de Ottawa

    CANADA 216

    Plan to make as many stops as you want to enjoy your road trip. Enjoy the ride!!!!

    Observatory St Joseph, Montreal

    Observatory St Joseph, Montreal

  • Continue to Ottawa to spend the night and enjoy the change of the guard at the parliament
  • Head to Montreal (for sightseeing, go around the coast)
  • Spend one to two days in Montreal (visit St Joseph, oceanography)
  • Continue to Quebec (spend one to two nights in Quebec; it’s worth it)
  • Start heading back, cross one of the many bridges to USA , make many stops to enjoy what you missed on the way to Quebec
  • Enjoy the ride

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