Stress Free Place|Un lugar Libre de Preocupaciones

IMG_5834The idea of going was exciting, but being there was more than we that. We started planning this trip a few months ago, but we had this strange feeling in our stomachs; we were leaving our girls behind. It was going to be a trip for just the two of us! We were going to Peru; Machu Picchu was waiting for us.

Many people have written about this enchanting place, they’ve talked about the magic, the spirituality, the mixed feelings, and the beautiful landscaping that surrounds one of the Seven Most Recognizable Wonders of this time. None of them are wrong. I have no words that can describe what we felt, and lived. I can’t explain the peace, and stress-free ambiance the mountains give you. Hospitality, Peruvian food, and excellent tour guides complemented our trip.

Lima- Cusco- Valle Sagrado- Train to Aguas Calientes- Machu Picchu- Train back to Cusco- Lima- Home. This is more or less how you need to organize this unforgettable journey. Check what to do in Lima, and how to get to Machu Picchu on your own or with a guide. Check from luxury to less expensive trains. If you choose to do The Inca Trail, plan ahead of time. Tip: The Peru travel companies in charge of such a beautiful landmark are very cautious of how many people get to Machu Picchu on one day, so reservations are needed ahead of time.

I can help you plan this trip, all you need to do is email me:, I will give you details on this one.

Remember: Don’t Stop, keep Traveling! 🙂 Visit the Gallery for more pics of this trip.



Solo la idea de marcharnos, nos excitaba, pero el estar ahi, fue lo maximo. Comenzamos a planificar el viaje hace unos meses atras, pero sentiamos  algo extraño en nuestro estomago, dejabamos a nuestras hijas detras. Era un viaje para nosotros dos solamente! Nos ibamos a Peru, Machu Picchu nos esperaba. 

Muchas han sido  las personas que han escrito acerca de este lugar encantado, salido de un libro de fantasias, han hablado de su magia, de la espiritualidad que se siente, de la mescla de sentimientos, y del bello paisaje que rodea a una de las Mas Reconocidas Maravillas  Naturales de estos Tiempos. Todos estan en lo cierto. No tengo palabras para describir lo que sentimos, y vivimos. No puedo explicarles la paz y el ambiente aislado, libre de preocupaciones que estas montañas te regalan. La hospitalidad, la comida peruana y la excelente compañia de nuestro guia complementaron el viaje.

Lima-Cusco-Valle Sagrado- Tren hacia Aguas Calientes- Machu Picchu- Tren de regreso a Cusco- Lima- Regreso a Casa.  Asi es como mas o menos debes organizar tu viaje. Chequea tus opciones en Lima, es una preciosa ciudad, como subir a Machu Picchu, como ir por tu cuenta o con guia. Si deseas hacer El Camino del Inca, preparate con tiempo de antelacion. Chequea los precios de los diferentes trenes, van desde los lujosos hasta los menos caros. Tip: Las Companias Peruanas son bien celosas con sus atracciones, en especial con Machu Picchu y siempre hay que reservar antes de ir, solo un limite de personas tiene acceso a subir diariamente. 

Puedo ayudarte a preparar este viaje, si me envias un correo electronico a:  Te dare mas detalles e informacion.


Recuerda: ¡ No te detengas, Continua Viajando! 🙂 Visita la galeria  para ver mas fotos de este viaje.


7 thoughts on “Stress Free Place|Un lugar Libre de Preocupaciones

  1. We’re going to Machu Picchu in February; the arrangements will be made by the company that’s packaging our tour. But, we would like some advice on clothing, and precautions to take to avoid ‘la soroche’, or altitude sickness.


    • Hi travelrat. How was your Alaska trip? I read some of your posts. I hope u had a great time.
      Let me tell you what I learned on my trip to M.P: first, drink lot of water, before you even get thirsty; second don’t rush to see everything, go slow instead( I felt my heart going too fast while in Cusco) it is one of the highest cities of the world. If you do too much in Cusco which is the highest elevation, when you get to M.P , you will be already exhausted, that’s why people don’t make it to the top sometimes. Instead of walk in Cusco, get on a double deck bus, and rest. I’m sure your hotel will provide you with coca tea. I also took some lemon candies with me . At the airport get some free coca leaves to chew and grab some extra to have in your packets.About clothing, don’t forget your raincoat, please, February is summer and rains a lot, however M.P is open, the Inca Trail will be closed. Wear something comfortable and carry a light jacket around your waist so your hands are free when climbing the rocks. I saw people helping them selves with hiking stick. Good luck on your trip. Just take it easy till your body gets use to the altitude. It’s worth it!


  2. Thanks! I read about the coca leaves, and wondered if they’re used in making Coca-cola? 😀 Loved Alaska … just putting together the video of the train ride we did brings it all back … and I still have the footage of Glacier Bay to edit!


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